What is BitGold?

By Mark | Economics

Straight up, I am a fan of BitGold and have purchased gold through them which is held in vaults around the world.

BitGold gold maybe a game changer for gold allowing someone to accumulate gold, spend gold buying everyday things and be paid in gold anytime you want. If like me you have no confidence in Government and Central Banks to do the right thing and believe the all fiat currencies are on a race to the bottom.

I have been waiting for something like this. But as it is still in its infancy so I will just be watching on the side lines at this stage. BitGold gold does have some very good backing with Sprott Inc. and George Soros.

I applaud BitGold founders, Josh Crumb and Roy Sebag for starting up a way for us to accumulate gold while at the same time be able to spend it as we see fit.

Read more about it here.


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