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The face of real estate has changed over the years. But some things remain very much the same. Sellers still want the very best price for their homes which is natural, and buyers still want the lowest possible price which is also natural.

That is partly why real estate agents are still employed. What does a good agent do?

  1. They must always remember they work for the vendor and their job is to get the vendor the very best price that the market will pay.
  2. They provide a degree of separation between a willing buyer and keen seller​ that facilitates a sale.
  3. They should have excellent local knowledge of the houses for sale and know the local market for a property.​
  4. Be backed by a great real estate company. The company is vital as it determines the amount of reach your property will have to effect a sale.

There are always buyers and sellers, but demand and supply are ever changing and can be very fluid. Confidence can turn without warning both up and down. Real estate agents have no control over the number of buyers or sellers in a market. So what is it that we do?

The Method

The first decision you have to make the best method to use that is most likely to achieve the best price for your property. The two main options are, with or without a price. Marketing with a price is self-evident, without a price has three options, auction, tender or negotiation and each method has advantages and disadvantages. A good real estate will knows which one is appropriate for you.

The Marketing

Next, comes marketing your property to gain the greatest exposure. Market your property using the most appropriate avenues to reach targeted buyers. The purpose here is to grab the attention of prospective buyers and get them to take a closer look by making a visit to the home. From these visits, we qualify the buyers to find out who has the means and the desire to own you home.

Reducing the stress

Selling and Buying are stressful, and there is a lot to do and know in achieving the result you want. As a real estate agent, my first duty is to the vendor who after a successful campaign and sale pays for the hard work and expertise of marketing the property, then negotiating the best possible price.

Duty of care

As an agent, I have a duty of care toward buyers too. My duty is to make sure a potential buyer has all the relevant information necessary to make an informed decision.Out is the old way of just expecting buyers to do their 'due diligence'. An agent can not, and must not hold back information that is relevant to the purchase of a home. As an agent, if I don't know something to be true, I simply can not say. But I should be able to help you find the information you require.

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