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I would like to share with you my best sellers secrets for getting the best results when it comes time to sell your home. It is so important to have you home show well as you will be in competition with other homes in your area and you need your home to out shine.

If you are anything like me your house has messy areas, places that you have not been able to get on top of. I get it, it’s hard to keep everything orderly and there are areas that just get dumped on, like your garage.

When my wife or I are moving furniture or tidying up the house there is always stuff we don’t know what to do with. And nine time out of ten it goes to the garage and not in an orderly fashion, it just gets dumped there and I alway look at the mess in there and vow to tidy it up sometime.

I have this ideal I will always be able to find something when I need it but that is rarely the case.

So when someone is looking at buying your home, they are imagining themselves living in your house. It is your job to help them make that picture in their minds eye a restful, stress free haven. Not like the nightmare that they live in now at their existing place of residence.

You are giving them a dream of how it could be if they lived here:

  • Everything in its place – which it rarely is.

  • Not overly bulging with stuff – which most of us live with.

  • Clean and tidy – happens once a week and makes me feel happy.


For inspiration for what people actually find appealing I go to Pinerest. It’s a fabulous resource for find what people would like there homes to be like even if they are not.


First impression count – The entrance!

I use these pictures not as something to copy but as a guide. I look first at how many people have re-pinned it and liked it. The pin below has had over 3000 re-pins and 268 likes. When you look at more front doors you start to get a bit of a feel for what it is people like.

Screen Shot 2016-03-11 at 10.08.20 AM


Light is very important – The interior!

2642 re-pins and 250 likes. When you look at photos of interiors you will notice they all have lots of light. The room below is painted white to reflect as much light as possible. Also notice there are no drapes which might cut down the amount of available light in the room.

Living room full of light


Yes, even the dumping ground – The garage!

5646 re-pins and 383 likes on this little shelf system tells me people think this is a great idea and want there garage tidier than it is. So if you are thinking of selling and your garage is a mess, you really aught to consider getting it into shape even if it means storing stuff elsewhere for awhile.

Tidy organised Garage


Pinterest is a great place to find out what large groups of people find attractive and what they wish their home to look like. You can checkout my pins for more ideas here.

Key Points

  • Look at your property from the road and consider how you might improve the homes street appeal.
  • Look at every area of your home and consider what a buyer might be thinking as they imagine themselves living in your house. It doesn’t matter that they might not actually live like that.
  • Get as much light into you home as possible. Even remove drapes if they are cutting down on light into the room. A dark room is very unattractive.
  • Tidy up the garage and get rid of the clutter.


I hope these sellers secrets are useful if you are going to sell you home. Please leave a comment below.


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