Know what buyers are looking for in a home

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When buying a home, buyers are told time after time that location is the first decision when it comes to their big purchase. However, newly released research suggests that the whole rationale behind buyers’ decision-making processes is more diverse.

The top three reasons why over 50 percent of home buyers fall in love with a particular home are the location, the price, and the garden. When prompted to give their top three reasons to purchase a particular house, 58 percent of buyers selected their home’s locations, followed with 37 percent choosing their home because of the price. The third reason was due to their home’s garden.

Kirstie Allsopp suggests it could be about even more. She told MailOnline: ‘It is a given that it is about location. Location is everything. But once you have got the location, what often makes people choose one property other another is perhaps something people don’t even acknowledge themselves – and that’s aspiration. Potential buyers look around a house and it could be a holiday picture or a book, something they want to do or be, and that often seals the deal – especially when choosing between two houses.’

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New Zealanders have a love affair with property, and for most of us, location is at the core of why we fall in love with a particular property. But we also like to get a bargain, so the price is also a crucial factor in the decision marking process.

As house prices continue to climb and many first-time buyers struggle to take their first step onto the property ladder, younger buyers are more willing to scout out up-and-coming areas to try and find a bargain to fall in love with, says Doug Crawford

Unfortunately, not all of those buying a home have the flexibility to pick and choose their ideal location or perfect interiors, especially as demand continues to outstrip supply. Compromise may have to become the buzz word of 2016, as there is little to suggest the situation is likely to ease any time soon as more and more homeowners chase after one property. – Andrew Montlake


If you are selling your home and you want the best price, look over this article to work out where you could spend very little money to achieve a high sale price. The location is something you can’t change, but the asking price and the look of your garden are two things you can. Also, note that the appearance of the inside and outside are two factors that put potential buyers off. I know it’s all common sense, but something, like re-barking the garden, and trimming the hedge, can pay off.

Looking at making changes to your home? Here are some additional considerations for adding value.

Here are some more insights from an American article which I think still has relevance to us here in New Zealand. It seems we all have problems dealing with general clutter. In this American study, 93 percent wanted a laundry room, 90 percent wanted a bathroom linen closet, 86 percent wanted garage storage, and 85 percent wanted a walk-in kitchen pantry. People are struggling with clutter and getting organised which I can totally identify with.

Apparently, we want laundry rooms to keep our dirty laundry out of sight. Of those who wanted a separate laundry room, 57 percent considered it essential and wouldn’t buy a home without one. I think this is interesting as many new houses in New Zealand still putting the laundry in the garage.

Buyers also want homes that reflect casual living where the kitchen is at the centre of the home. The kitchen is where many home buyers not only cook, but entertain and watch TV. In that respect, consumers are looking for an open floor plan, where the kitchen opens up to the dining area and living room. Source: NewHomeSource