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Last month - Te Atatu Peninsula House Prices

$1,320,000 25th Percentile

$1,670,000 Median

$1,880,000 75th Percentile

Last 12 months - Te Atatu Peninsula House Prices

$925,000 25th Percentile

$1,210,000 Median

$1,540,000 75th Percentile


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As a neighbour and friend of Marks for over 6 years I can vouch for his honesty, reliability and strong work ethic. He is passionate about the local community and would be a valuable asset whether you were buying or selling a home. -  Jo Faulder 

Less than 15 minutes into the city if there is no traffic, surrounded by the Waitemata Harbour, great people, walkways, cafes and restaurants are just a few reasons to live in Te Atatu Peninsula.

I have lived in Te Atatu Peninsula for 18 years and just love it. The community is changing with younger families discovering how great Te Atatu Peninsula is and buying in the area which is great to see a demographic change. My wife and I used to be the young family and moved here in 1999 but our girls have grown into teens (which is really challenging sometimes)

Where does one start in sharing the many wonderful aspects of this area I call home or many call just “The Peninsula”. Lets just start with this sunrise and you will see why maori called this area Te Atatu which translates to “The Dawn”.

Perhaps it’s best to start with what really is the best about Te Atatu Peninsula, of course, it’s the people. We just love our neighbours and are regularly over there for a glass of wine and often help each other out however and whenever we can, borrowing each others tools, and talking for hours. Some nights our teenagers text us asking when are we coming home to start cooking dinner?

It is a peninsula which is great in itself as there is no through traffic and let's face it, there is enough traffic on Te Atatu Road. We have everything we need right here which means not having to leave the peninsula unless you really have too. The new community building and Library are great assets to the area.

The Te Atatu Peninsula Walkway is excellent for walking the dog or going for a bike ride. There are rowing, canoeing, and water skiing clubs and access for small boats on full to medium tides. The wetlands are full of native and not so native birds. I love going for a paddle board when the tide is in and there is no wind.

There is also tennis, bowls, cricket, soccer, touch rugby, sailing and stuff I don’t even know about yet.

Proximity to the motorway and therefore Auckland city is a huge advantage. Yes, we get sun strike from time to time and are blinded for just a few seconds as we careen down the motorway but you get used to that.

There are a number of great cafes and I have found it hard to bet anywhere in Auckland the Fuze eggs benedict breakfast. Also, Leighton makes the best coffee that can be found. And Et Tu has great food and the best pizza I have ever had, and I adore pizza.

One of our vendors who had a house for sale in Te Atatu Peninsula, Holman Road had this to say...

“As overseas vendors  we knew that honest communication and top notch service from Lisa and Mark would be important. From our first conference call, we knew that Lisa and Mark were on the same page. We weren’t desperate to sell, and Lisa was open about the vagaries of the current Auckland market. Lisa kept us updated, often daily, as the open homes were often rained out by horrific storms. When the fence blew down just before auction, Lisa had a fencer out and a quote to us by the next business day. Mark could put us in touch with the professionals required for various reports needed by potential purchasers. Due to subsequent feedback from viewers, we decided to give the place a facelift. Mark was ‘on call’ for 4 hours’ with the power company who required someone to meet them onsite, with 15 minutes notice, during that timeframe! Lisa and Mark also regularly met and provided access to the tradesmen. Not once did they just leave the place unlocked. Before one open home, Lisa and Mark filled 3 vacuum cleaner bags, vacuuming the mess left from the carpet layers! Due to a change in personal circumstances, we decided not to sell, and to move an elderly relative into the house. Lisa and Mark were incredibly understanding, and still met with the bathroom renovator and roofer so that we could finish the place before she moved in. For them to help us out like that - knowing full well that they wouldn’t be completing the sale – well that is what I call platinum service!” - Vanessa and Hudson Sands